What to do if a wedding supplier drops out?


Having a wedding supplier that has just dropped out might be a terrible thing to consider, but unfortunately, these things have happened in the pest, and you always have that than into consideration. In such a case, the future bride and groom would have to spend their entire day on their phones calling from one supplier to another in sheer panic. Well, in order not to have something like that happening to you, here are the steps you ought to take if such an unfortunate event would happen to you.

In case it happens in advance…

If such a thing would happen in advance, you need not to worry, because you still have some options. The most important thing is to remain calm and start considering the options you have. The best course of action would be to start talking to your family and friends and explain the situation to them. Perhaps, they have a supplier somewhere, or perhaps they can recommend a supplier such as Co2 Gas that has supplied Beer gas cylinders for their or their friends’ weddings. The most important thing to remember is that not everything is lost, and that there is still enough time to organize everything. You can also always visit one of the wedding-theme websites and look for solution there. The Wedding guide is rather good.

If you’ve hired a non-venue wedding supplier, you can also contact the venue itself and ask they if they could do anything. Most venues usually have their own suppliers, or know suppliers. Explain it all to them, and they are definitely going to help out. Hey, it’s in their interest too.

In case it happens on your wedding day…

This is indeed a terrible thing to happen, but soaking about it would do much help. The first thing you could do is ask the supplier that has just canceled if he has a colleague that could step in. Most wedding suppliers know one another, and there are good chances that the supplier that has canceled on you knows a supplier that isn’t working on that very day.

One thing to remember is the fact that the bride or groom have so much on their plate that day, and there are chances that they just can’t get around to fix this issue. That is why they ought to find someone to sort it for them – a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a friend, etc. That will allow the future bride and groom to focus on the procession itself, while others worry about the suppliers.

An important thing to note

It is very important for the organizers of a wedding to always have a back up plan. The best thing to do would be hiring two suppliers at once. And specifically stating to the second one that he is only a plan B, and that he will be called only if the first supplier cancels. That allows everyone to be happy and concentrate on the happy day ahead.

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