Tricks To Turn Your Guest Into Your Wedding Photographers

wedding-photographyHave A Selfie Booth

Let’s face it, people are gonna take selfies at your wedding because they can and just because! Having said that, having a selfie station with your iPad in your wedding will no doubt be a blast for them and for you knowing how quirky those shots can be! Even better if your stream them live on screen at your wedding reception for added entertainment. Wedding photography can be as quirky, fun, and as effortless at this too.

Urge Your Guest For An Iphone Video Stream

Unless you have a strictly-no-phones policy on your wedding because you only want professionally taken wedding pictures, your guests will probably have their phones with them to take selfies and videos. Why not make the most out of that by asking them to post their cell phone videos to your wedding hashtag on Instagram!

Hand Out Disposable Camera

One downside of relying on your hired wedding photographer to shoot for you is that, it may take a while before you actually get to see your wedding photos. While the professionals can ensure you highly amazing pictures, adding disposable cameras at the beginning of the reception will deliver you great candid photos at the end of the day.

Put Up A Polaroid Guestbook

No matter what wedding theme you’re having for your big day, you don’t have to worry because Polaroid defies all genres! So set up a couple of these cameras around so each of your guests can snap a photo of them and then write a brief wedding message for you. See, totally hip but still a little traditional right? Who says wedding photography has to be strictly done by professionals!

Take Advantage Of Your Pet

It may be far from a bird’s-eye view, but then you’ll get a totally different perspective by turning your dog into a photographer. Hook up a Gopro on him and excite yourself from anticipation about the candid shots he’d be able to take! You wanted to do something different? Well what’s more different than that?

Though you can do all of these things nothing can really beat hiring a professional wedding photographer (Paul Hubbard is award winning). The quality of the photos is unparallelled and their level of organisation will run a lot smoother if you have help.

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