Top Wedding Trends That Are So Happening Right Now

Top Wedding Trends That Are So Happening Right Now

The wedding industry is becoming progressive every year. With the trends that are expected to be seen throughout this year, it’s not so surprising. Married couples might even go for a second or third wedding just to try some of these. And for those engaged couples, you might want to incorporate some of these trends into your wedding for a breath of fresh air.unique-wedding-centerpieces

  1. British Invasion

Yes, weddings are becoming more casual as the years go by. But since Kate Middleton now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding, a lot of couples are still injecting some British wedding details into their own. Think loosely styled floral center pieces hanged from above and vintage lace cloths on the table.

  1. No Ceremony

On the contrary, there are couples who really want to make it as casual as possible. Couples just make it official at the city hall and only prepares for a party to celebrate. There all about huge parties, dancing and drinking minus the formal ceremony.

  1. Drone Wedding Photos And Gopro Videos

For those couple who wanna make sure that they will be left with a lot of photos and videos that covers every corner, angle, and moment of their big day, this is a must try. Aerial view, super creative shots, candid reactions and moments will surely be captured.

  1. Transport

As the attention is going to be on you for most of the day, you might as well make an entrance that will shock all your friends and family… for all the right reasons. The option for Supercar Hire is becoming very popular amongst newlyweds and is the perfect way to show off a flashy new car and get a once in a lifetime experience.

  1. Family-Style Dining

Goodbye buffet style catering! Today, couples like to serve their guest with family styled meals. Beautifully plated entrées and comfort foods like mac and cheese will be passed around just like how it’s done during family meal time. This is great way to generate more conversation from your guest than just small talks, whether you’re planning for an upscale or laid-back setting.

  1. Updated Renditions Of Wedding Classic

Wedding music is huge. It will set the mood for the event and will remind you of your big day every year for the rest of your lives together as a married couple every time you hear it. So couples are still choosing wedding classic to be played during the wedding for that lasting and timeless feel, but prefers the updated rendition for a more current vibe.

  1. Photobooth Hire

Photobooth hire keeps your wedding fun and interesting. With props and different filters no two photos will be the same. It’s a perfect way to make your wedding stand out and keep your guests occupied. Everyone trying to cram into one box at ones adds an air of mischief to your wedding reception, which is something every reception should have. Visit OMG PHOTO BOOTH, HIRE LONDON and no guest of yours will be disappointed.

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