Amazing Invitation Letters With Letterpress Printing

3800180316_09872bf3c2When it comes to weddings, invitations are mportant. It serves as a formal adress which informs guests that their presence at the wedding is requested. It also provides as an overview of the event. Aside from the details contained in the invitation, the whole look of the invitation itself will provide the first impression for what the guests can expect in the wedding. And there’s nothing better in making a great impression by opting for letterpress printing on invitation letters.

Letterpress printing has been around for centuries. And just like its name, this technique uses letter plates which are then pressed to the paper to leave an elevated surface on the paper with ink. It provides the perfect finish which royalties and upper ranking society have been using since its invention. Letterpress printing can be used on several types of invitation letters. Here are the common types of invitation letters which often use letterpress printing.

  1. Business event – It refers to any events hosted by companies and businessmen. Invitation letters are sent to clients, stock holders, customers and employees. Among the business events available are company anniversaries, expansions, success and showing recognition or appreciation to the intended guests. Letterpress printing complements the formality of the event perfectly.
  2. Birthday parties – For wealthy people, making impression is a given. So for birthday parties even for children, only letterpress printing is good enough for the invitation letters. This is even more obvious for distinguished individuals celebrating their birthdays.
  3. Art shows – Arts shows are also among the events which require invitation letters. And for an event focused on art, only letterpress printing can give the artistic feel for the invitation letter. Famous artists only use letterpress printing for their invitation letters.
  4. Wedding celebration – Weddings are one of the most wonderful events to be a part in. It is a mark which formally binds the couple as they start their own family. For such a grand event, letterpress printing enhances the image of the wedding while rising the anticipation of the guests.
  5. Holiday or seasonal celebrations – Included on these events are Christmas and Thanksgiving parties. Though seem a little informal, there are still those which prefer to provide great invitation letters using letterpress printing.

In letterpress printing, the font and the size is also considered since they can greatly enhance the overall look of the letter. Borders or some designs are also included to complement the letter. You can never go wrong with letterpress printing in your invitation letter.

Times When You Need Luxury Mini Bus Hire

EVM specialise in Mercedes Sprinter Minibus conversions. We offeSometimes, you probably wonder what why you would even need to hire a luxury mini bus hire Essex for when there are a lot of cabs or you have your own car to drive when you need to get to somewhere. Well, in case you’re still wondering, here are some instances where a mini bus hire perfectly make sense.


Tuxes and gorgeous dresses. That’s usually what you’ll all be wearing when you’re attending one. Now imagine commuting or taking your truck to a formal event like that, uncomfortable right? Even if you prefer things low key…times like these calls for a little extravagance. A luxury mini bus should do the trick for these occasional trips. Besides it’s hardly extravagance if you only do it once in a blue moon.

Airport/Ferry/Train Transfer

You know how often a flat tire, heavy traffic and other road problems happen when you’re trying to catch a flight, a train, or ferry, right? It’s ironic, I know, but you might wanna spare yourself from that kind of headache and stress by booking a mini bus early on to make sure things run a little smoother next time. With a mini bus, you are also saving yourself the hassle of finding parking spaces and avoiding doing damage to your car such as scratching your alloys meaning less time visiting Whoops Wheel Fix It alloy wheel repair. Although they do an amazing job, you don’t the worry of fixing your car if you happen to scratch your wheels.

Corporate/Business Travel/Hospitality

When you’re traveling for business, there’s the business itself, meeting new people, and the new place happening all at once, that navigation around the place is something that would be convenient to take off your already full plate. If this is the case, hiring a mini bus to take you places where you need to be on time should really be considered.

Sporting Events, Golf/Races

Sports enthusiasts get their own version of euphoria by being physically present in the sport event that they love. Now it’s hard to keep your eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel, and drive yourself when you’re too preoccupied with an upcoming game to even notice a red light. Just hire a mini bus, stay safe, and enjoy the game.

Shopping Tours

Shopping from one shop to another is every girls dream hobby. However, this supposed to be a fun activity becomes less enjoyable if you’re on your own in a new place, feel like you’re lost and not very fond of reading maps. Don’t let your shopping escapades turn into a maze challenge. Next time, luxury mini bus hire should be included in your checklist of shopping tour must have.





How Event Organizers Hire A Lighting Contractor

For big events like concerts, dance shows and night parties and obviously weddings, lighting is an important part of aesthetics which liven up the event. Having a boring and plain single lighting does not cut it anymore. Organizers in charge of the venue which use lighting hire and DLP companies to provide them a variety of lighting effects suitable for the event. These companies also provide personnel who manage the lighting and other lighting effects to make the event wonderful.LILAC-TREE-TUNNEL In order to find the best lighting, here’s how event organizers use lighting hire.

  1. The bigger the better – Though small time lighting contractor can provide the lighting needs, organizers of big events would prefer large companies of lighting to hire. The main reason is the quality of lighting as well as the wide variety of lighting large contractors have to provide all kinds of lighting effects.
  2. Expertise – It is not enough to have all kinds of lighting. The contractor should also have personnel with enough expertise to handle and operate these different kinds of lighting. Having an expert personnel for lighting and digital light processing (DLP) effects is the key to an amazing event.
  3. Credentials – It is impossible to determine if the company have professional lighting experts unless you check their past works. You could also review the quality of their work. A lighting company with a long and great track record is always better than those companies that are just starting.
  4. Recommendation – Event organisers are members of an association which also share information regarding the different contractors which provide quality service including lighting. These recommendations are valuable information since they are coming from fellow event organizers.
  5. Contingency plans – Not all events go smoothly. There are events where unforeseen circumstances happen. A great lighting company always has a contingency plans in order to make the event successful. This includes lighting replacement and repair.
  6. Packages – Event organizers look for companies with great packages of lighting to hire. They will compare several contractors to know which one is the best.
  7. Payment Options – Lastly, the payment option is important since each event organizers get their budget differently either upfront or after the event which the contractor’s payment option should coincide with.

To have the best event of the year, it is only appropriate to employ the best lighting hire and DLP to compliment all the lighting effects. When you are planning for a big event which requires lighting hire and DLP, always check the above criteria in order to choose the best contractor to hire.


Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Videographer For Your Wedding

Photography has been around ever since cameras were invented. In fact, aside from the wealthy which can easily afford cameras, only professional photographers were able to access cameras in the early years after video cameras were commercialized. Its cost a lot and harder to operate during the early times. However, as decades past, the camera industry has developed easy to use cameras and made them readily available in the market at affordable prices. Since then, a lot of people now own their personal cameras and cameras can be seen almost anywhere you go. This has given everyone the ability to capture photos and cover events or their daily lives. Nonetheless, every event organizers would recommend people to hire a professional photographers. wedding-photographer-warwick

For all not bought in the idea, here are the advantages of hiring a professional photographer for your event.

  1. Adoptability – There are many kinds of events such as weddings, business parties, birthday parties, awards night and even proms. Amateurs do not have the experience nor the knowledge that professional photographers have. Professional photographers can cater the services they provide to complement the type of event they are covering.
  2. Experience – Though it is possible for anyone to gain a lot of experience by owning a camera, not everyone has the sufficient amount of experience on covering important events. Professional photographers have covered hundreds if not thousands of different events which make them the most suitable choice for covering the event.
  3. Expertise – Professional photographers have undergone proper training and take courses to master photography. Amateurs have not taken such courses which means they do not have the expertise that professionals have.
  4. Feeling – Every event is different even similar types. Professionals can cover the event and create a video which captures the right feeling for the event. An elegant and grand party should also have an elegant video. Amateurs cannot capture the right feeling consistently. It will be a huge gamble considering they only got one chance to cover the event the right way.
  5. Organized – Professional photographers are organized. They prepare weeks even months before the day of the event. They arrange the equipment and make sure they are in top condition. They clear their schedule for the event. Amateurs might encounter equipment problem or double booking which leaves you in panic during the event.
  6. Presentation – Professional videographers value presentation. They don’t just arrange the video chronologically. They consider everything and create a presentation which can tell a story or any purpose which their clients want.
  7. Professional – They are professionals and they work with dignity and honor. They are transparent and provide the business in according to your agreement. You can expect professionalism in everything they do and that’s a lot in business.
  8. Work Quality – The overall quality of their work is guaranteed. You can expect the best videos to come up for your event. And these videos are one you can be proud of.

If you are having a wedding and plan to have your special day captured, consider hiring a professional essex wedding photographer.



Master Wedding Magician For Your Wedding

Wedding is a wonderful stage of every couple’s life. It formally forges the bond between the couple and celebrates the day they are starting the new page of their lives. The groom wants to make the bride the happiest woman in the world while the bride wants to be the most beautiful bride in the world in her ideal wedding. In order to get the best wedding celebration possible, couples acquire the services of a wedding planner to make sure no little detail is left untouched, especially the reception.

Wedding planners are often referred to as wedding magicians due to their ability to turn any wedding celebration into a great wedding. They use their expertise and experience to come up with a wedding closest to the ideal wedding the couple dreamed to have which seemed like they cast a magic during the wedding celebration.

Though a wedding planner makes sure the wedding goes all to plan there are some things you just can’t foresee or control everything. For sure a wedding planner definitely can’t provide entertainment. Without entertainment the guests will find your special day tedious which could spoil things.

It’s at this point that an actual wedding magician comes in. Their tricks of the trade are great for keeping your wedding upbeat so you can really just enjoy yourself. It will make for a memorable day that you and your partner can share for the rest of your life.

Top Wedding Trends That Are So Happening Right Now

Top Wedding Trends That Are So Happening Right Now

The wedding industry is becoming progressive every year. With the trends that are expected to be seen throughout this year, it’s not so surprising. Married couples might even go for a second or third wedding just to try some of these. And for those engaged couples, you might want to incorporate some of these trends into your wedding for a breath of fresh air.unique-wedding-centerpieces

  1. British Invasion

Yes, weddings are becoming more casual as the years go by. But since Kate Middleton now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding, a lot of couples are still injecting some British wedding details into their own. Think loosely styled floral center pieces hanged from above and vintage lace cloths on the table.

  1. No Ceremony

On the contrary, there are couples who really want to make it as casual as possible. Couples just make it official at the city hall and only prepares for a party to celebrate. There all about huge parties, dancing and drinking minus the formal ceremony.

  1. Drone Wedding Photos And Gopro Videos

For those couple who wanna make sure that they will be left with a lot of photos and videos that covers every corner, angle, and moment of their big day, this is a must try. Aerial view, super creative shots, candid reactions and moments will surely be captured.

  1. Transport

As the attention is going to be on you for most of the day, you might as well make an entrance that will shock all your friends and family… for all the right reasons. The option for Supercar Hire is becoming very popular amongst newlyweds and is the perfect way to show off a flashy new car and get a once in a lifetime experience.

  1. Family-Style Dining

Goodbye buffet style catering! Today, couples like to serve their guest with family styled meals. Beautifully plated entrées and comfort foods like mac and cheese will be passed around just like how it’s done during family meal time. This is great way to generate more conversation from your guest than just small talks, whether you’re planning for an upscale or laid-back setting.

  1. Updated Renditions Of Wedding Classic

Wedding music is huge. It will set the mood for the event and will remind you of your big day every year for the rest of your lives together as a married couple every time you hear it. So couples are still choosing wedding classic to be played during the wedding for that lasting and timeless feel, but prefers the updated rendition for a more current vibe.

  1. Photobooth Hire

Photobooth hire keeps your wedding fun and interesting. With props and different filters no two photos will be the same. It’s a perfect way to make your wedding stand out and keep your guests occupied. Everyone trying to cram into one box at ones adds an air of mischief to your wedding reception, which is something every reception should have. Visit OMG PHOTO BOOTH, HIRE LONDON and no guest of yours will be disappointed.

Choosing your Perfect Wedding Ring

In terms of expressing love for another person, the best thing one can do is to get married. Weddings and marriages have been around for countless years now and these special ceremonies continue up to this time because of how powerful the love and commitment of individuals can be. When it comes to wedding plans, choosing the perfect wedding ring is a significant part of this.

The decision of choosing the perfect wedding rings is never that easy. The ring should match your personal taste and style and should complement the engagement ring as well. There are actually endless options presented by jewelers and various online jewelry stores making it even more difficult to choose the best one. Wedding rings come in different styles, designs and metals making them more perfect for any couple or wedding event however, you need to choose the ring that will surely fits you well.

When choosing your perfect wedding, it is of great importance to follow some essential pointers which include but not limited to the following:

  • Start the Search Early

As soon as you got clear picture and idea of what you really want, it is about time to embrace the most exciting part and that is trying on wedding rings. Give yourself about two or three months before the wedding date to shop for wedding rings. You actually need enough time to search, browse and compare prices. If you wanted custom rings, you certainly need longer time as extras like engraving usually take a month to finish.

  • Set the Right Budget

Make sure that you allocated the right portion of the entire wedding budget for the wedding ring. When choosing and shopping for your wedding ring, keep in mind that additional charges may apply if you choose to add embellishments or engravings to the ring.

  • Think of Long Term

There is no harm to choose trendy wedding ring however, it still pays to choose a wedding ring that you can wear for about 30 years or more. Choose a ring that you could picture yourself wearing up to the time that you and your significant other are both old.

  • Think About your Lifestyle

There is no point of buying the most expensive ring or band if you have to remove it frequently or you are uncomfortable wearing it. These scenarios just increase the odds of losing it. When choosing your perfect wedding ring, consider your lifestyle. Keep in mind that you are going to wear your ring everyday so the main goal is to pick a ring that seamlessly becomes an important part of your life. For platinum wedding rings, check out Just Platinum Rings, they’re big on these!

  • Check on the Quality

This is one of the most important pointers to keep in mind when choosing a wedding ring and this actually applies to all rings. Make sure that the wedding ring has exclusive marks or manufacturer’s trademark and quality mark proving that top quality metals are used.

By following these tips when choosing a wedding ring, there is no doubt that you will end up with the perfect ring that you will surely treasure for the rest of your life.

A Fairytale Wedding to End Your Day

Every girl wants to find a prince charming to end up with. This is a common wish women want when they grow old. Even kids and teens would want to have such prince because of love and care. You for sure want a prince charming so that when you will end up together, a wedding might occur. Yes, weddings are simply amazing. Every girl’s dream is to walk down the aisle and marry the person whom she loves. This is why weddings are planned months and even years before the expected date. If you are planning for your own wedding, you are definitely in for a ride.

Weddings are ceremonies. These are the union between two people but weddings greatly vary depending on traditions and customs. Different kinds of weddings happen because of cultures, religions, ethnic and social groups. There are many weddings that happen but regardless of factors involved, this kind of ceremony is spiritual and special. It is a special bond that will be forever treasured and kept between those who will wed including their families and friends.

weddingWhat are the things to be planned before the big day? If you are planning your wedding you should be starting with the entourage. Your entourage will be a group of people you consider special that will have roles during the ceremony. These include your maid of honor, principal sponsors, secondary sponsors, best man, and etc. They will act as your witnesses in marrying each other. Another important detail in planning your wedding is of course your dresses and gown. Every bride’s wish is to have the prettiest gown just like a princess. Most brides today would have their gowns custom made so that they will be able to keep and treasure it forever. Another big deal during your wedding is the reception. This happens after the actual ceremony wherein foods and drinks are served. Dinner is the most common time for a reception because after parties can happen which will excite a lot of people and guests. During the reception, there will be a program like cutting/eating the cake, toasting of wine, first dance, introduction as a married couple and a lot more. It will be up to you to what you and your husband will include. You just have to make sure that all your guests will enjoy.

extravagant weddingWeddings do not necessarily have to be extravagant. If you want a simple wedding then you can have it. Keep in mind that you should also have a budget for you to be able to control it. And to make sure you’re not stressed have a wedding party with Glo just in time for your special day.  Weddings can happen in church, at the garden, and even at the beach, it will just be up to you to where you want to be declared as husband and wife.

Keep in mind that weddings are for families and friends. It is not just for the two persons who are getting married. Instead those who get married want their special ones to be happy, thus weddings happen to make memories last for a life time.

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