Choosing a Perfect Wedding and Eternity Ring

WeddingsEternity and wedding rings represent the timeless love that a couple plans to share together. They act as one’s representation of love. These are rings that are cherished forever hence it is important to take time to choose carefully and pick the perfect ring.


Eternity rings comes in two different styles:

  1. Half eternity rings where the stones are only on the face of the band.This ring can be resized.It is more cheaper than full eternity ring.
  2. Full eternity ring where the stones go all the way around the band.This ring cannot be resized since the stones go all the way around the band making it to fall out in case it is resized.It must be custom made and this makes it to be more pricier than half eternity ring.

You should note that the stones in the them are also diamond. These types of eternity rings from Orla James vary in price based on the size of diamond in them. The larger the size of diamond,the higher the price.The eternity rings with other precious stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires are amazing and are also affordably priced.


Factors to consider while shopping for wedding rings

Choosing the correct ring for your wedding may be a daunting task.There are so many factors you should consider some of which have been outlined below.

  1. Size: Always consider the size and shape of the ring before buying so as to avoid resizing or returning it back. The ring should measure the size of your finger. Note that some wedding rings can be re-sized in the future as your finger size changes. For eternity ring,you should choose a design and width as that of the wedding ring.
  2. Metal: Various material options for wedding ring include rose gold, platinum, titanium, zirconium, gold and palladium among others. A metal which is sturdy and stylish is the best option. Choose a ring which will look lovely and appealing not only in your wedding ceremony but also in your wedding photographs. A classic and right metal for your ring is what you need. Eternity rings made of Diamond are the best choice. Gold, Palladium and Platinum eternity rings are also awesome.
  3. The price: Wedding rings prices vary depending on the style,design as well as the weight of the metal used to make it. Choose the ring that suits your wedding budget.
  4. Comfort of the ring: Shop for a wedding ring that is comfortable and flexible on your finger. Ensure you and your partner love what you buy. This is the reason why it is advisable that you shop the rings as a couple.
  5. The profile of the ring: There are lots of choices of profile thus it is good to try them first before making a decision. Based on profile, softer curved ring and engineered looking ring exist. The choice will depend on what you like. A curved profile on the inside of the ring is recommended.


Rings with a slight curve design and gently contours are also great. Re-sizable and custom made rings are recommended since they suit all your needs and desires no matter the time that passes after purchasing.

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