Best places for a stag do

Do you want to make the most of your remaining days before marriage? Considering a bachelor party, right? Well, there are certain locations around the world that offer the best stag do parties.

Your search ends here. Especially for a mobile bar! Which we highly recommend it for any stag party. Check out Need a Bar for mobile bar hire Suffolk services. Explore the best places to have maximum fun and enjoyment for your stag do or party.


Amsterdam is one of the famous and the best place to have a stag do. You can experience many unique activities related to alcohol, strip shows, and recreational drugs. Amsterdam offers a huge variety of bars and clubs with special and attractive activities.


If you are looking for crazy, wild nights and exciting times for your stag do or bachelor party, then you must come to Prague and experience it with coach hire experts Mayday Travel. You can also enjoy several exciting activities of pubs and bars. The cost of alcohol is affordable.


Riga is another affordable option for a stag do or party. Riga is famous for cowboy hat styles and special activities such as gun shooting. You can enjoy alcohol and fun activities at decent costs. There are numbers of bars and pubs with the most exciting nightlife.


Barcelona is one of the most famous stag do destinations. You can enjoy thrilling activities like jet skiing, taking a chopper bike for a spin, karting, shooting and more. There are plenty of bars, night clubs, and restaurants that offer amazing drinks. The nightlife of Barcelona is very exciting and vibrating.

Are you excited for your upcoming stag do party? Consider the above-mentioned locations to ensure that you make memories that will last a lifetime.

10 Reasons Weddings Require DJ Hire

weddingDespite weddings being the most important part of a couple’s lives they are known for being costly, which often causes couples to cut corners where necessary.

  • Dependable – you are hiring for one of the biggest days of your life, and you want an arrangement that is in concrete. Whereas a friend’s son may be interested in being your DJ six months before the event, they may be less interested when the day rolls around. Similarly, MP3 players and audio technology can present unexpected issues. However, a DJ will book you in on a certain date and is guaranteed to be available for your event.
  • Reading the crowd – a professional is used to watching the crowd and their reaction, and sensing the right time to bring on a slow dance or when to bring out a classic party tune. Your premade playlist is likely to blare out a killer tune at an inappropriate moment. It’s a matter of playing the right songs at the right moment, and this is a skill that professionals have perfected.
  • Professional – friends or family members are less likely to be professional when being your music DJ. They are likely to spend their time telling embarrassing stories from your childhood. They are also likely to make simple mistakes when playing music, small mistakes that professionals are guaranteed not to make. With tonnes of experience, a professional DJ has perfected their skills as a DJ.
  • Entertainer – your DJ is more than simply someone who keeps music playing – they are a part of the evening’s entertainment. They are there to encourage guests to couple up or to energetically announce party dances.
  • Requests – a professional DJ will have tonnes of songs just a click away, stored on a hard drive or laptop. Therefore, they will be more than happy to find a requested track and play it to please guests. This will not be limited to new or old tracks, as there will be a range available to suit all guests.
  • Equipment – hiring a professional means that they will be prepared, with hundreds of pounds worth of equipment ready to wire up and play. They will also be familiar with their equipment, knowing how to setup and play.
  • Presentation – your DJ will want to appear professional on your big day, therefore will not arrive in a t-shirt and jeans!
  • Liability insurance – if something happens to your DJ’s equipment, they will have it insured with an external company, who will replace it. You will not need to worry about having to pay out for new equipment – the DJ will be covered.
  • Investment – the DJ will strive for good reviews and recommendations from not only you but also the many guests you have. Therefore, they will aim to please, and are likely to go the extra mile to make your event special.
  • Peace of mind – with a professional DJ, everything is covered on your big day. You will not have to worry about the quality of music or setting up the music yourself. You can simply get on with the day with no worries!