Amazing Invitation Letters With Letterpress Printing

3800180316_09872bf3c2When it comes to weddings, invitations are mportant. It serves as a formal adress which informs guests that their presence at the wedding is requested. It also provides as an overview of the event. Aside from the details contained in the invitation, the whole look of the invitation itself will provide the first impression for what the guests can expect in the wedding. And there’s nothing better in making a great impression by opting for letterpress printing on invitation letters.

Letterpress printing has been around for centuries. And just like its name, this technique uses letter plates which are then pressed to the paper to leave an elevated surface on the paper with ink. It provides the perfect finish which royalties and upper ranking society have been using since its invention. Letterpress printing can be used on several types of invitation letters. Here are the common types of invitation letters which often use letterpress printing.

  1. Business event – It refers to any events hosted by companies and businessmen. Invitation letters are sent to clients, stock holders, customers and employees. Among the business events available are company anniversaries, expansions, success and showing recognition or appreciation to the intended guests. Letterpress printing complements the formality of the event perfectly.
  2. Birthday parties – For wealthy people, making impression is a given. So for birthday parties even for children, only letterpress printing is good enough for the invitation letters. This is even more obvious for distinguished individuals celebrating their birthdays.
  3. Art shows – Arts shows are also among the events which require invitation letters. And for an event focused on art, only letterpress printing can give the artistic feel for the invitation letter. Famous artists only use letterpress printing for their invitation letters.
  4. Wedding celebration – Weddings are one of the most wonderful events to be a part in. It is a mark which formally binds the couple as they start their own family. For such a grand event, letterpress printing enhances the image of the wedding while rising the anticipation of the guests.
  5. Holiday or seasonal celebrations – Included on these events are Christmas and Thanksgiving parties. Though seem a little informal, there are still those which prefer to provide great invitation letters using letterpress printing.

In letterpress printing, the font and the size is also considered since they can greatly enhance the overall look of the letter. Borders or some designs are also included to complement the letter. You can never go wrong with letterpress printing in your invitation letter.

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