A Fairytale Wedding to End Your Day

Every girl wants to find a prince charming to end up with. This is a common wish women want when they grow old. Even kids and teens would want to have such prince because of love and care. You for sure want a prince charming so that when you will end up together, a wedding might occur. Yes, weddings are simply amazing. Every girl’s dream is to walk down the aisle and marry the person whom she loves. This is why weddings are planned months and even years before the expected date. If you are planning for your own wedding, you are definitely in for a ride.

Weddings are ceremonies. These are the union between two people but weddings greatly vary depending on traditions and customs. Different kinds of weddings happen because of cultures, religions, ethnic and social groups. There are many weddings that happen but regardless of factors involved, this kind of ceremony is spiritual and special. It is a special bond that will be forever treasured and kept between those who will wed including their families and friends.

weddingWhat are the things to be planned before the big day? If you are planning your wedding you should be starting with the entourage. Your entourage will be a group of people you consider special that will have roles during the ceremony. These include your maid of honor, principal sponsors, secondary sponsors, best man, and etc. They will act as your witnesses in marrying each other. Another important detail in planning your wedding is of course your dresses and gown. Every bride’s wish is to have the prettiest gown just like a princess. Most brides today would have their gowns custom made so that they will be able to keep and treasure it forever. Another big deal during your wedding is the reception. This happens after the actual ceremony wherein foods and drinks are served. Dinner is the most common time for a reception because after parties can happen which will excite a lot of people and guests. During the reception, there will be a program like cutting/eating the cake, toasting of wine, first dance, introduction as a married couple and a lot more. It will be up to you to what you and your husband will include. You just have to make sure that all your guests will enjoy.

extravagant weddingWeddings do not necessarily have to be extravagant. If you want a simple wedding then you can have it. Keep in mind that you should also have a budget for you to be able to control it. And to make sure you’re not stressed have a wedding party with Glo just in time for your special day.  Weddings can happen in church, at the garden, and even at the beach, it will just be up to you to where you want to be declared as husband and wife.

Keep in mind that weddings are for families and friends. It is not just for the two persons who are getting married. Instead those who get married want their special ones to be happy, thus weddings happen to make memories last for a life time.

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