5 Themes To Inspire Your Prenup Photos

Having a hard time coming up with ideas for your pre wedding photoshoot? Dig in and you just might find these themes suitable or you might even be inspired to come up with your own theme.


Rain at your wedding? Sounds like a complete catastrophe, huh? But Instead of looking at it that way, why not see the beauty in it? Use the rain effect for your prenup photos. Wedding photography maybe driven by perfection but sometimes imperfections brings out some unique and romantic photos.rain-wedding-photo-unplugged-photography-6


Some couple simply can’t be confined indoors. Actually there is always those couple whose favorite hobby is to dive into the wonder of the nature by doing various activities like hiking, trekking, etc. Since you’re already branded as the outdoorsy couple, how about use that as a theme for your prenup shoot?fairytale-forest-wedding26


During playtime, when you’re both still little, what did you loved to do? Play with the sand or mud? Run around? Play house? Whatever that is, it would be great if you do it again and use it as a theme for prenup shoot. You’re both about to go into more serious chapter of your lives as married couples, why not relive your most carefree days together and have fun remembering it?

Historical And Period

Do you ever tease your partner for being born in the wrong era? Or one of you simply has a thing for the Victorian Era or the 60’s? Time to fulfill those fantasies together! Traveling back in time is such a great motif for pre wedding photography.Audrey-Hepburn-style-374x500


Sometimes pre wedding pictures can feel stiff and staged. If you don’t want yours to be like that, try to do yours as candid as possible. Fairs can be a neutral ground; almost every couple went to fairs for a date. So do that and just go on about as if you’re on a date and let your photographer work his magic. Prenup photos don’t have to be dramatic to be romantic.1471640_320x480

Once you’ve figured out your theme it’s time to look for a wedding photographer, and Perfect Wedding Photography are here to help.


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