Best places for a stag do

Do you want to make the most of your remaining days before marriage? Considering a bachelor party, right? Well, there are certain locations around the world that offer the best stag do parties.

Your search ends here. Especially for a mobile bar! Which we highly recommend it for any stag party. Check out Need a Bar for mobile bar hire Suffolk services. Explore the best places to have maximum fun and enjoyment for your stag do or party.


Amsterdam is one of the famous and the best place to have a stag do. You can experience many unique activities related to alcohol, strip shows, and recreational drugs. Amsterdam offers a huge variety of bars and clubs with special and attractive activities.


If you are looking for crazy, wild nights and exciting times for your stag do or bachelor party, then you must come to Prague and experience it with coach hire experts Mayday Travel. You can also enjoy several exciting activities of pubs and bars. The cost of alcohol is affordable.


Riga is another affordable option for a stag do or party. Riga is famous for cowboy hat styles and special activities such as gun shooting. You can enjoy alcohol and fun activities at decent costs. There are numbers of bars and pubs with the most exciting nightlife.


Barcelona is one of the most famous stag do destinations. You can enjoy thrilling activities like jet skiing, taking a chopper bike for a spin, karting, shooting and more. There are plenty of bars, night clubs, and restaurants that offer amazing drinks. The nightlife of Barcelona is very exciting and vibrating.

Are you excited for your upcoming stag do party? Consider the above-mentioned locations to ensure that you make memories that will last a lifetime.

What to do if a wedding supplier drops out?


Having a wedding supplier that has just dropped out might be a terrible thing to consider, but unfortunately, these things have happened in the pest, and you always have that than into consideration. In such a case, the future bride and groom would have to spend their entire day on their phones calling from one supplier to another in sheer panic. Well, in order not to have something like that happening to you, here are the steps you ought to take if such an unfortunate event would happen to you.

In case it happens in advance…

If such a thing would happen in advance, you need not to worry, because you still have some options. The most important thing is to remain calm and start considering the options you have. The best course of action would be to start talking to your family and friends and explain the situation to them. Perhaps, they have a supplier somewhere, or perhaps they can recommend a supplier such as Co2 Gas that has supplied Beer gas cylinders for their or their friends’ weddings. The most important thing to remember is that not everything is lost, and that there is still enough time to organize everything. You can also always visit one of the wedding-theme websites and look for solution there. The Wedding guide is rather good.

If you’ve hired a non-venue wedding supplier, you can also contact the venue itself and ask they if they could do anything. Most venues usually have their own suppliers, or know suppliers. Explain it all to them, and they are definitely going to help out. Hey, it’s in their interest too.

In case it happens on your wedding day…

This is indeed a terrible thing to happen, but soaking about it would do much help. The first thing you could do is ask the supplier that has just canceled if he has a colleague that could step in. Most wedding suppliers know one another, and there are good chances that the supplier that has canceled on you knows a supplier that isn’t working on that very day.

One thing to remember is the fact that the bride or groom have so much on their plate that day, and there are chances that they just can’t get around to fix this issue. That is why they ought to find someone to sort it for them – a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a friend, etc. That will allow the future bride and groom to focus on the procession itself, while others worry about the suppliers.

An important thing to note

It is very important for the organizers of a wedding to always have a back up plan. The best thing to do would be hiring two suppliers at once. And specifically stating to the second one that he is only a plan B, and that he will be called only if the first supplier cancels. That allows everyone to be happy and concentrate on the happy day ahead.

Choosing a Perfect Wedding and Eternity Ring

WeddingsEternity and wedding rings represent the timeless love that a couple plans to share together. They act as one’s representation of love. These are rings that are cherished forever hence it is important to take time to choose carefully and pick the perfect ring.


Eternity rings comes in two different styles:

  1. Half eternity rings where the stones are only on the face of the band.This ring can be resized.It is more cheaper than full eternity ring.
  2. Full eternity ring where the stones go all the way around the band.This ring cannot be resized since the stones go all the way around the band making it to fall out in case it is resized.It must be custom made and this makes it to be more pricier than half eternity ring.

You should note that the stones in the them are also diamond. These types of eternity rings from Orla James vary in price based on the size of diamond in them. The larger the size of diamond,the higher the price.The eternity rings with other precious stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires are amazing and are also affordably priced.


Factors to consider while shopping for wedding rings

Choosing the correct ring for your wedding may be a daunting task.There are so many factors you should consider some of which have been outlined below.

  1. Size: Always consider the size and shape of the ring before buying so as to avoid resizing or returning it back. The ring should measure the size of your finger. Note that some wedding rings can be re-sized in the future as your finger size changes. For eternity ring,you should choose a design and width as that of the wedding ring.
  2. Metal: Various material options for wedding ring include rose gold, platinum, titanium, zirconium, gold and palladium among others. A metal which is sturdy and stylish is the best option. Choose a ring which will look lovely and appealing not only in your wedding ceremony but also in your wedding photographs. A classic and right metal for your ring is what you need. Eternity rings made of Diamond are the best choice. Gold, Palladium and Platinum eternity rings are also awesome.
  3. The price: Wedding rings prices vary depending on the style,design as well as the weight of the metal used to make it. Choose the ring that suits your wedding budget.
  4. Comfort of the ring: Shop for a wedding ring that is comfortable and flexible on your finger. Ensure you and your partner love what you buy. This is the reason why it is advisable that you shop the rings as a couple.
  5. The profile of the ring: There are lots of choices of profile thus it is good to try them first before making a decision. Based on profile, softer curved ring and engineered looking ring exist. The choice will depend on what you like. A curved profile on the inside of the ring is recommended.


Rings with a slight curve design and gently contours are also great. Re-sizable and custom made rings are recommended since they suit all your needs and desires no matter the time that passes after purchasing.


chocolate-fountain-and-dips11The day of your wedding ought to be a unique occasion. For all couples who are getting ready for this huge occasion, they go head over heels checking the rundown to ensure that everything from the food, to the hiring of the wedding cars, will be impeccable on their day.

A couple’s agenda might incorporate the wedding dress, cues for the service, catering and the venue also.
Talking about the gathering, which for the vast majority of us is really the best part, the wedding, the gathering is the place the fun happens. Families, companions and visitors sit down to eat dinner in the midst of the abundance of wedding decorations in the reception. Discussing decorations, a wedding party room as a rule has an particular set up too. For example, a large chocolate fountain in the middle of your stunning marquee from Capitall Marquees would definatly draw in positive comments. Although, the most well-known decoration would be the flowers, likely some hand-made window ornaments here and there and in addition romantic lighting. A buffet table has its own layout as well and one prominent piece that is picking up lately is the chocolate fountain and the layout of its accessories are amazing.

Chocolate stands out amongst the most well-known desserts so it is simply right that having an OMG chocolate fountain will offer joy to your visitors, which thus will give an extremely decent input and surveys to you as a couple as you composed the occasion. Don’t forget to pair your chocolate fountain with some personalised sweet bags by Tabetha’s touch to keep your guests full for the whole night.
Throughout the years, a few plans, shapes and adjustment have been made to the chocolate fountains and they are currently generally accessible in the business sector. In reality, it is exceptionally normal to see them at occasions, for example, weddings these days.

These chocolate fountains have two sorts, the industrial chocolate fountain and individual chocolate fountains. For wedding gatherings, industrial chocolate fountains are utilised since it can hold extensive measures of chocolate, up to 30-35 pounds. More than that, industrial chocolate wellsprings have better plans that will legitimately fit for a providing food administrations or expansive gathering.

An individual chocolate fountain is more suited for a little family gathering. On the off chance that you’re wedding gathering is only for a smaller party, you ought to have the individual chocolate fountain. It isn’t much, yet it would be in any case be an extra diversion for the wedding gathering.


Tricks To Turn Your Guest Into Your Wedding Photographers

wedding-photographyHave A Selfie Booth

Let’s face it, people are gonna take selfies at your wedding because they can and just because! Having said that, having a selfie station with your iPad in your wedding will no doubt be a blast for them and for you knowing how quirky those shots can be! Even better if your stream them live on screen at your wedding reception for added entertainment. Wedding photography can be as quirky, fun, and as effortless at this too.

Urge Your Guest For An Iphone Video Stream

Unless you have a strictly-no-phones policy on your wedding because you only want professionally taken wedding pictures, your guests will probably have their phones with them to take selfies and videos. Why not make the most out of that by asking them to post their cell phone videos to your wedding hashtag on Instagram!

Hand Out Disposable Camera

One downside of relying on your hired wedding photographer to shoot for you is that, it may take a while before you actually get to see your wedding photos. While the professionals can ensure you highly amazing pictures, adding disposable cameras at the beginning of the reception will deliver you great candid photos at the end of the day.

Put Up A Polaroid Guestbook

No matter what wedding theme you’re having for your big day, you don’t have to worry because Polaroid defies all genres! So set up a couple of these cameras around so each of your guests can snap a photo of them and then write a brief wedding message for you. See, totally hip but still a little traditional right? Who says wedding photography has to be strictly done by professionals!

Take Advantage Of Your Pet

It may be far from a bird’s-eye view, but then you’ll get a totally different perspective by turning your dog into a photographer. Hook up a Gopro on him and excite yourself from anticipation about the candid shots he’d be able to take! You wanted to do something different? Well what’s more different than that?

Though you can do all of these things nothing can really beat hiring a professional wedding photographer (Paul Hubbard is award winning). The quality of the photos is unparallelled and their level of organisation will run a lot smoother if you have help.

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10 Reasons Weddings Require DJ Hire

weddingDespite weddings being the most important part of a couple’s lives they are known for being costly, which often causes couples to cut corners where necessary.

  • Dependable – you are hiring for one of the biggest days of your life, and you want an arrangement that is in concrete. Whereas a friend’s son may be interested in being your DJ six months before the event, they may be less interested when the day rolls around. Similarly, MP3 players and audio technology can present unexpected issues. However, a DJ will book you in on a certain date and is guaranteed to be available for your event.
  • Reading the crowd – a professional is used to watching the crowd and their reaction, and sensing the right time to bring on a slow dance or when to bring out a classic party tune. Your premade playlist is likely to blare out a killer tune at an inappropriate moment. It’s a matter of playing the right songs at the right moment, and this is a skill that professionals have perfected.
  • Professional – friends or family members are less likely to be professional when being your music DJ. They are likely to spend their time telling embarrassing stories from your childhood. They are also likely to make simple mistakes when playing music, small mistakes that professionals are guaranteed not to make. With tonnes of experience, a professional DJ has perfected their skills as a DJ.
  • Entertainer – your DJ is more than simply someone who keeps music playing – they are a part of the evening’s entertainment. They are there to encourage guests to couple up or to energetically announce party dances.
  • Requests – a professional DJ will have tonnes of songs just a click away, stored on a hard drive or laptop. Therefore, they will be more than happy to find a requested track and play it to please guests. This will not be limited to new or old tracks, as there will be a range available to suit all guests.
  • Equipment – hiring a professional means that they will be prepared, with hundreds of pounds worth of equipment ready to wire up and play. They will also be familiar with their equipment, knowing how to setup and play.
  • Presentation – your DJ will want to appear professional on your big day, therefore will not arrive in a t-shirt and jeans!
  • Liability insurance – if something happens to your DJ’s equipment, they will have it insured with an external company, who will replace it. You will not need to worry about having to pay out for new equipment – the DJ will be covered.
  • Investment – the DJ will strive for good reviews and recommendations from not only you but also the many guests you have. Therefore, they will aim to please, and are likely to go the extra mile to make your event special.
  • Peace of mind – with a professional DJ, everything is covered on your big day. You will not have to worry about the quality of music or setting up the music yourself. You can simply get on with the day with no worries!



Tips For an Aspiring Wedding Photographer

wedding_leftPhotography is an exciting business with many different aspects, branching out into many different areas. It connects to many different businesses, such as wedding photography such as wedding photographers, fashion photography, nature photography and more.

  • Do not overlook simple subjects as the focus of your photography shoot. Anything can create a good photograph, even if it’s something simple which you see every day. Just look at the scene with a new pair of eyes.
  • Understand all aspects of your camera. Read the manual and make sure that you understand all settings. Using some of these can completely change a photograph from being mediocre to fantastic!
  • Do not purchase the most expensive, high tech and state of the art equipment as your first set of equipment. It is not impossible to get fantastic photographs with cheaper equipment. For example, instead of purchasing lighting items, you could simply make do with household items such as torches or lamps. The more photographs you capture, the more of an idea you’ll have as to what you’d like to improve upon with a new camera, giving you more of an idea of what to look for.
  • Tripods are one piece of equipment, which may be considered essential. Again, do not seek out the most expensive, top of the range item. Many tripods are available at low costs. Simply having a tripod of any cost or type will boost the quality of your photographs majorly.
  • Observe other photographers to learn from them. Resources such as Flickr provide the perfect learning opportunity. Observe other photographers’ work, and see what kind of shoots you like to develop your own style.
  • Take your camera everywhere! You may not be intending to take photographs, but as life unfolds around you, photo opportunities arise. You may take a fantastic photo on a day that you have not been planning to capture anything at all!
  • Take more than one photograph of each shot you have planned. It is always better to have more than enough photographs than not enough. It will be easier to find identify your favourite, best reflecting the original idea you had.
  • List potential shots you would like to capture before starting a photo shoot. Note down important details when you can, including lighting, so you can choose an ideal time of day or weather type. If you’re out and about, note down anything be it on a notepad or on your mobile phone. Inspiration can come at unexpected times.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. You may be content taking the same type and style of photographs, but there’s nothing to lose by trying other shots! You might end up with a result you love!

Perhaps the most important tip is to enjoy your hobby. With effort, your hobby can become the foundations for a new business like wedding photographers in Cardiff.

Beauty Tips For Your Wedding

Its no surprise that any bride wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day. What they don’t know is that they are always beautiful and really a wedding should just be an excuse to pamper the bride so she can have her perfect wedding day and new start with her partner. Every bride deserves to feel special on their wedding day so here are a few little treatments you can get that will do just that.


In busy everyday life not everyone pays complete attention to their nails. Or if they do they might occasionally spend the odd half an hour painting their nails a pretty colour. On your wedding day it is time to go full out and get your nails done. Just imagine those stunning nails complementing your engagement ring! You can go for a number of different styles and colours and even match your nails to your wedding dress. Let yourself be pampered for once.2-wedding-nails

Hair Removal

When people get into relationships they tend to stop making as much effort with their appearance. Therefore removing hair becomes less of a priority. On your wedding day get back to being pristine with laser hair removal Essex and I can guarantee it will boost your confidence and make your special day even better.glam-belleza-latina-boda-waxing-w724

Professional Makeup

Most women are not shy when it comes to using makeup, some even use it everyday. However we aren’t all experts at it. On your wedding day hire a professional makeup artist and take the stress out of having to do it yourself. In addition a professional makeup artist will know what colours will suit you. ellieBride-1024x682


Hair can be an extremely stressful task, which is something you definitely don’t need on your wedding day. Hire a professional hairdresser like Drakes of London on your wedding day and surprise everyone with elegant and decadent wedding hair.images

Future Husband Tips: How To Make Up With Her After A Fight

toxic-relationshipsSwallow Your Pride And Apologise

They say that beliefs are just opinions stubborn people refuse to reconsider. If you two had a fight just because you couldn’t agree on something or she won’t go with your ways, you shouldn’t let that cause a rip between the two of you. Admit that you were wrong for insisting your way of opinion, accept that not everyone’s gonna agree with you, and just say sorry. When you really think about it, it’s not that hard to do.

Settle The Problem

There are those who deal with fights through avoiding it. They say they’ll just let each other calm down before discussing it but what really happens is that they just let the heat die and then act like nothing happened. This isn’t a good way to go, especially with serious issues. Make sure you two talk it over and resolve the issue before moving on. Avoiding or acting like the problem doesn’t exist won’t fix anything.

Give Her A Surprise Pamper Party

You’d be surprised how nice pamper parties can be, where she can loosen up with her girlfriends while having facials, mani and pedi, or massage can make her feel good. This isn’t bribery. It’s just a good way to relax her so that you two can calmly talk to each other as you try to mend the problem. Aside from that, after an hour of pampering, it’ll be easier for her to let you off the hook. So visit and they’ll help you out.

Move Forward

Fights, arguments or misunderstandings between couples are inevitable. But if every couple let those things come between them, everybody will be single. So fight if you must, but remember to fight in order to understand not just to hurt each other. And then when the issue has been talked out properly, that issue should be closed and not keep popping into every quarrel you to have or else you’ll never be able to get over anything. Learn to settle a problem and really move on from it, unless you like going around circles.

5 Themes To Inspire Your Prenup Photos

Having a hard time coming up with ideas for your pre wedding photoshoot? Dig in and you just might find these themes suitable or you might even be inspired to come up with your own theme.


Rain at your wedding? Sounds like a complete catastrophe, huh? But Instead of looking at it that way, why not see the beauty in it? Use the rain effect for your prenup photos. Wedding photography maybe driven by perfection but sometimes imperfections brings out some unique and romantic photos.rain-wedding-photo-unplugged-photography-6


Some couple simply can’t be confined indoors. Actually there is always those couple whose favorite hobby is to dive into the wonder of the nature by doing various activities like hiking, trekking, etc. Since you’re already branded as the outdoorsy couple, how about use that as a theme for your prenup shoot?fairytale-forest-wedding26


During playtime, when you’re both still little, what did you loved to do? Play with the sand or mud? Run around? Play house? Whatever that is, it would be great if you do it again and use it as a theme for prenup shoot. You’re both about to go into more serious chapter of your lives as married couples, why not relive your most carefree days together and have fun remembering it?

Historical And Period

Do you ever tease your partner for being born in the wrong era? Or one of you simply has a thing for the Victorian Era or the 60’s? Time to fulfill those fantasies together! Traveling back in time is such a great motif for pre wedding photography.Audrey-Hepburn-style-374x500


Sometimes pre wedding pictures can feel stiff and staged. If you don’t want yours to be like that, try to do yours as candid as possible. Fairs can be a neutral ground; almost every couple went to fairs for a date. So do that and just go on about as if you’re on a date and let your photographer work his magic. Prenup photos don’t have to be dramatic to be romantic.1471640_320x480

Once you’ve figured out your theme it’s time to look for a wedding photographer, and Perfect Wedding Photography are here to help.